Subsequently, the girl was rescued from the madrasa on April 22 by a Delhi police team and the "juvenile" apprehended, the police said. Last week, the police had also arrested the madrasa cleric Ghulam Shahid for allegedly being aware of the presence of the girl on the premises. She had said the accused had taken her to the madrassa to meet his friends.The report was submitted to the bone saw machine factory Manufacturers Juvenile Justice Board on Tuesday and the matter was listed for hearing on Wednesday.After taking note of the bone ossification test report submitted by the Delhi police, the JJB said that the accused, who was initially suspected to be a 17-year-old, will be tried as an adult, said an officer.

The victim had recorded her statement in front of a magistrate on April 23. The police was informed on April 21 by the girlrsquo;s father that she had gone missing from Ghazipur in east Delhi after she went to the market.The test report indicated that he is a major.New Delhi: The Juvenile Justice Board on Wednesday said that an accused held in connection with the rape of a 10-year-old girl inside a madrasa in Ghaziabad will be tried as an adult after the bone ossification test report indicated he was not a juvenile. The bone ossification test was carried on the accused since his family had failed to submit documents that could help the police to ascertain if he was below years of age.

Itrsquo;s environmentally-friendly too, as the three rechargeable lithium batteries get their energy from solar power.However, a dummy, which is a few times lighter than a human being, was visibly easier to control.The team said the current prototype can technically bear the load of a single person up to China meat cutter factory 70 kg for a flight time of about five minutes and for safety, the seat is installed with a five-point harness that secures the pilot to the center of the machine. Joerg Weigl, who came up with the idea and is one of the supervisors of the project, said he wanted "Snowstorm" to help people realise their dreams of flying.

A team of eight engineering students from the National University of Singapore have built a personal flying machine, dubbed "Snowstorm."It could only be demonstrated by flying it indoors, due to Singaporersquo;s legal requirements for personal aerial vehicles. So lsquo;Snowstormrsquo; is our multi-copter where you can get the feeling of flying back, the feeling of flying to anybody who wants to fly," he said."The next step is, from an electrical standpoint, itrsquo;s definitely to have more fail-safes, better stability and easier control for the pilot, and from the mechanical side of the staff, itrsquo;s definitely more structural stability as well as maybe even more power.Resembling a giant drone, "Snowstorm" comprises of motors, propellers and landing gears set within a hexagonal frame and can be controlled by the person sitting in it, or remotely We can always add more motors to lift a heavier person," Wang Yuyao said.Team member, student Wang Yuyao admitted that "Snowstorm" is still a work in progress. People can now fly with a jetliner, but the feeling of flying got lost on the way. Rather than a mode of transportation, the team said flying machine "Snowstorm" will be more for personal recreational use."Because flying is now a community.

Mathrubhumi plans to implement this decision in its TV channel wing on an experimental basis.Mumbai: Looks like Culture Machinersquo;s lsquo;First Day of Period Leaversquo; has sparked the beginning of a transformation with Keralarsquo;s popular news organisation Mathrubhumi News now implementing the same for its female employees.Mathrubhumi News, the television counterpart of Mathrubhumi Group of media companies has over 70 female employees. We should understand women and be with them," said M V Shreyams Kumar, MLA and Joint Managing Director of the Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co Ltd, in a report in Indian Express. "

There is no use talking about women empowerment "We may adopt this in other divisions of the group later," said Kumar.Kumar admitted that this decision was inspired by Culture Machinersquo;s announcement.Culture Machine also took this initiative forward by starting an online petition urging the Women and Child Development Ministry and the Ministry of Human Resource Development to realise the FOP leave into legislation.Talking to Deccan Chronicle, Mumbai based company Culture Machinersquo;s Devleena S Majumder,President - People and Culture, had said, "It China potato slicer factory was not just a policy for the company, it was a gesture of support towards all women".

Panasonic microwaves, starting from Rs 6700 to 20,990, are intended to aid users to cook healthy wholesome meals containing Bone Sawing Machine Manufacturers no oil with its zero oil recipes, as told by Panasonic.These models are available in the capacity of 6. In the washing machine, the intelligent sensors detect the volume of laundry and the water temperature, and select the suitable wash cycle.2kgs to 14kgs in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 The 307 L and 336 L refrigerators priced at starting range of Rs.The Panasonic Intelligent inverter refrigerators with ECONAVI, as claimed by the company, are designed to cool 50 per cent faster while reducing electricity consumption. The Econavi sensor technology monitors the refrigerators usage patterns to optimise cooling while adapting the power saving mode around the consumerrsquo;s lifestyle. The intelligent range is equipped with core technologies and features such as ECONAVI inverter technology that, as claimed by the company, detects waste of energy using sensors and optimises operations according to environmental conditions. 45,000 respectively, come with ECONAVI sensors for optimising the cooling performance.

Panasonic announced a significant expansion of its line-up of Intelligent Home appliances range comprising of refrigerator, washing machine and microwave.Panasonic says the appliances make the users everyday life more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient as the new models are equipped with advanced proprietary technologies.The new range offers four models of refrigerator, 17 models of washing machine and a new inverter microwave model. With this new launch, Panasonic is looking at 40 per cent growth in the home appliances category in FY 20-19. 37,000 and Rs. All the three products are also equipped with inverter technology. The new washing machine models come with Active Foam that creates high-density foam to remove dirt from deep in fibres, while Stain Master feature is said to easily remove stubborn stains.


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