Panasonic microwaves, starting from Rs 6700 to 20,990, are intended to aid users to cook healthy wholesome meals containing Bone Sawing Machine Manufacturers no oil with its zero oil recipes, as told by Panasonic.These models are available in the capacity of 6. In the washing machine, the intelligent sensors detect the volume of laundry and the water temperature, and select the suitable wash cycle.2kgs to 14kgs in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 The 307 L and 336 L refrigerators priced at starting range of Rs.The Panasonic Intelligent inverter refrigerators with ECONAVI, as claimed by the company, are designed to cool 50 per cent faster while reducing electricity consumption. The Econavi sensor technology monitors the refrigerators usage patterns to optimise cooling while adapting the power saving mode around the consumerrsquo;s lifestyle. The intelligent range is equipped with core technologies and features such as ECONAVI inverter technology that, as claimed by the company, detects waste of energy using sensors and optimises operations according to environmental conditions. 45,000 respectively, come with ECONAVI sensors for optimising the cooling performance.

Panasonic announced a significant expansion of its line-up of Intelligent Home appliances range comprising of refrigerator, washing machine and microwave.Panasonic says the appliances make the users everyday life more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient as the new models are equipped with advanced proprietary technologies.The new range offers four models of refrigerator, 17 models of washing machine and a new inverter microwave model. With this new launch, Panasonic is looking at 40 per cent growth in the home appliances category in FY 20-19. 37,000 and Rs. All the three products are also equipped with inverter technology. The new washing machine models come with Active Foam that creates high-density foam to remove dirt from deep in fibres, while Stain Master feature is said to easily remove stubborn stains.

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